There’s an App for that!

Meet our Panelists

Our launch is less than a week a way and we are working hard to make this event one of the best of the Leeds Digital Festival – and with this panel, I think we might just do it!

When we were planning our launch, we wanted our attendees to be a part of a bigger movement that is going on in the healthtech/femtech space.

For an organisation that basis its principles on listening to other people’s stories and experiences, we wanted to showcase the amazing work that is going on in this field.

We had a strict criteria when we were picking our panelists for There’s an App for that! The healthtech industry VS the individual; our panelists needed to be user focused, like us, an advocate for under-researched health conditions or demographics, like us, pioneers, like us, and badass, like us!

We found that in spades with our inspirational and international speakers:

Sheena D. Franklin, Founder and CEO of Well-Kept Beauty, Inc.,

Sarah Seddig, Social Scientist, founder of Sexploratory Issues,


Kristin Asker, Head Of Design at Endometrix

Check out their bios below!

So what are we going to talk about?

the health-tech industry shows no sign of slowing down – what can industry leaders do to ensure people can find a femtech/health-tech solution that meets their needs in a world full of apps?

In this lively discussion we will be discussing the future of femtech/health-tech and what this means for better health outcomes for all with our panelists from around the world.

Sound good?

It must do because we had to ADD tickets to the event because our first lot sold out – Thank you, you lovely lot!

We’ll keep adding them for as long as you keep booking them!

Join us on 2nd October for There’s an App for That: The Individual vs the Health-tech Industry, part of the Liria Digital Health Launch

Got a burning question to ask our panel?

All attendees will be able to post their questions in the app on the day!

See you then!