Special Announcement

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Special Announcement from Liria Digital Health

After an amazing time together, Erica and Lianne have decided to conclude their partnership at Liria Digital Health to pursue their passions for tech, health and the menopause separately.

Thank you to everyone who has been supportive in this journey and to all those who have shared their amazing journeys and stories with us. We offer our heartfelt thanks to those who have been outstanding allies in helping us spread the word of health inequalities, particularly around the menopause.

We will continue our work in supporting people going through the menopause and we look forward to sharing our progress on our future endeavours in due course.

This is only the beginning!

We Have Arrived! Watch Our Launch!

On a crisp October day, Liria Digital Health broadcasted to the world how we intend to change the health-tech landscape.

We had 200 sign ups for our event which included a brilliant international panel discussion: There’s an App for That: The individual vs The Health-tech Industry.

The response to our launch has been phenomenal!

We have been touched by the outpouring of gratitude to us for taking the plunge and setting up a business that aims to challenge the status quo around more under-researched health conditions, including the menopause.

We thank the people who have come forward with their stories and experiences since out launch.

Every story brings us one step closer to creating products that treats people as individuals rather than health conditions.

Our launch is just the start.

Liria Digital Health has a lot planned for the next 6 months to bring us closer to getting our products into the hands of people who really need it.

It is an exciting time and we can’t wait to keep working with you closely to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

In the meantime, why not see for yourself our fantastic launch:

Big shout out to our amazing panelists who offered insightful perspectives on the state of female health-tech. Please checkout their websites and support the great work they are doing:


Well Kept Beauty

Sexploratory Issues

We hope you will continue to support us on our journey! If you have any comments, ideas, or if you would like to know more, please get in touch!