New Supporter! Thanks Next-Up

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The Leeds Digital Festival programme has been launched and we’re working hard to make sure our event stands up to the very high standards of this year’s biggest-ever tech festival*! 

No (wo)man is an island and we are very grateful for all those behind the scenes who are either helping with the event directly or have helped with getting Liria Digital Health in a position where we can actually have a launch! 

Our first big thank you goes to the wonderful


Next-Up has kindly supported our event by providing the means to hold the event – namely, a Zoom account that won’t kick everyone off after 40 minutes! So kind of a big deal!

Lianne met Next-Up’s founder, Victoria Tomlinson when she was speaking at an event about digital literacy benchmarks. It was during the Q&A that Victoria talked about her organisation Next-Up with the rather catchy tagline: ‘Making the most of ‘unretirement”.

Next-Up supports employers with a range of services for directors, partners, and employees to help them understand the impact of retirement on mental health and create a plan to use their skills and experience in new ways to ensure wellbeing – So right up our street! 

When I think about retiring it’s never a full-on, Homes Under the Hammer-type retirement that I have in mind. I can’t imagine ever truly giving up work completely, so organisations like Next-Up do a fantastic job of making sure all these years of expertise and experience are put to good use.

When I’ve had interactions with mentors at Next-Up the nicest part is that, regardless of what industry they worked in, they bring with them such a wealth of knowledge, that no matter what scenario you throw at them, they have been there, done that; and crucially can advise you on what to do next! 

At the moment they have a fantastic free mentoring scheme which both the founders of Liria Digital Health are signed up to.

Find out more here:

I love the concept of this organsation and its support from Leeds City Council is a testament to how valuable it is for the city.

Victoria is a powerhouse of a person and an absolute inspiration to Liria Digital Health as a leader and tech innovator and has been a wonderful source of support and advocacy for us as a new organisation and we are so lucky to have you and Next-Up in our corner! 

Thank you Next-UP for your support!

*We’ve written a post about why we chose the Leeds Digital Festival as the platform to launch our company – read about it here.