Why Launch at the Leeds Digital Festival?

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As a British tech company, it can feel like you’re removed from the action if you’re not based in Silicon Valley…

During lockdown, we’ve been attending lots of Zoom held tech events from across the world and it has been mostly American hosted/run sessions, which although they have been brilliant and informative, there is still a bit of a cultural divide present despite speaking the same language. This is particularly evident when it comes to healthcare.

So while we’ve learned a lot from our colleagues across the pond when it comes to our business, when it is held against a backdrop of one of the most innovative healthcare systems in the world, the NHS, it can be difficult to see how some of the processes and ways of working that seem to work so well in America, can be applied to our audience; an audience that is used to free at the point of use healthcare.

Somethings simply do not translate, logistically, and, culturally; so the UK must create its own Silicon Valley, its own health tech hubs.

Leeds: Health Tech Capital of the UK

We’re lucky at Liria Digital Health. Our HQ is based in Leeds, which houses 80% of the UK health-tech businesses, so we’re in very good company with the likes of TPP, EMIS, mHabitat, and of course, co-founder Lianne’s old stomping ground, NHS Digital, all contributing to a robust health-tech ecosystem.

Before COVID, every other introduction at a networking event would be someone from another health-related company, which is brilliant for making connections with people and companies with similar goals and drivers for success as you. It keeps you all on your toes and makes you work harder to deliver amazing results for your customers.

Leeds, and the North of England for that matter (Hello Manchester! Hello North-East!), has been making a massive push in the last few years to be THE tech hub for the country (something that seems even more within grasp as COVID has enabled people more flexibility work where they want and not be tied down by geography).

The Leeds Digital Festival

Enter stage left, The Leeds Digital Festival which has been instrumental in putting Leeds on the tech map!

Last year, the Leeds Digital Festival had more tech events being held in the North in its two-week run than Silicon Valley did in the same period! It is the largest tech event in the UK and we are truly privileged to have it on our doorstep.

The Leeds Digital Festival had always had a special place in co-founder Lianne’s heart. Her decision to retrain for a career in tech was serendipitously timed with the Leeds Digital Festival. In going to this festival, she was inspired to change careers and join the tech industry.

It is safe to say, without the Leeds Digital Festival, there would be no Liria Digital Health!

It made perfect sense to us to come full circle and hold our launch at the place that started it all! And what great company we are in!

Bigger, Better, Brilliant!

The Leeds Digital Festival is an open, collaborative festival celebrating digital culture in all its forms over two weeks. Whether you’re interested in Fintech, coding, social media, AI, Healthtech, data, start-ups, digital music, cyber security or AR/VR, there is something there for everyone, beginners and veterans to the industry alike!

This years festival is being held on the 21st September until the 2nd October with a whopping 294 events on!

We highly recommend you check it (links below) and also while you’re there, grab a ticket for our event too!

There is so much to choose from that your biggest challenge will be finding time to fit them all in!

We’d love to hear your top picks for the festival, so get in touch with us on our socials and send us your ‘MUST SEES’!

See you there!


The Leeds Digital Festival

Our Event

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